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10 steps to writing better research

Easy to read 10 step guide and advice for writing research projects by Dustin Wax (Community College of Southern Nevada). This is not an exhaustive guide but will provide you with a starting point to help plan and organise your writing. Go to resource

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Writing essays tour

An interactive tour for writing essays with hints and tips on how to approach writing. The webpage explains the purpose of writing essays and the benefits of incorporating writing throughout the research process. There are a number of shorter study guides for individual aspects as well as video links. Go

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Writing and Presenting Your Thesis or Dissertation

An overall guide to presenting research projects, written by S. Joseph Levine (Michigan State University). Different techniques are presented on how to write a research dissertation as well as advice on proposal writing and defending a thesis. The guide can also be read in Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic. Go to

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The Science of Scientific Writing

A feature article with advice on writing approaches and style. The article focusses in particular on scientific writing and making this clear and easy to read. The authors highlight the importance of the reader and what they need to understand what is being written. Go to resource

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Writing and submitting your doctoral thesis

Although targeted at doctoral students this website provides detailed information about approaching, structuring and writing a thesis. The same principles could be adopted for a range of academic writing and all stages of university life. There is also a ‘quick tips’ link which provides a simplified list of bullet points

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about the AUTHORS

‘Undertaking your research project’ is co-authored by Keith Smyth, Frank Rennie, Gareth Davies, Matt Sillars and Amy Woolvin.

Keith Smyth

Keith Smyth

Professor of Pedagogy at University of the Highlands and Islands

Frank Rennie

Frank Rennie

Professor of Sustainable Rural Development, Assistant Principal of Lews Castle College, UHI

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