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Major Research Paradigms

This is a good discussion of the different research paradigms. The clip is a little over 5 minutes long and that there are some different terms used from those used by Creswell. Nevertheless, they broadly fit with Creswell’s worldviews. The power point slides that accompany it are good. Go to

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Performing Ethics in Community Based Particiaptory Research

This one-hour performance offers an opportunity to experience the use of Forum Theatre as a means of reflecting practically on ethical challenges in participatory research. The team depicted a scenario based on a real ethical problem faced in community-university partnership research. Members of the ‘audience’ were invited to change places

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How to write a good research paper

A practical, informative and engaging presentation about principles for writing a research paper. The advice provided could be used at all levels from undergraduate to doctoral level. Video length 34 minutes. Go to resource

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about the AUTHORS

‘Undertaking your research project’ is co-authored by Keith Smyth, Frank Rennie, Gareth Davies, Matt Sillars and Amy Woolvin.

Keith Smyth

Keith Smyth

Professor of Pedagogy at University of the Highlands and Islands

Frank Rennie

Frank Rennie

Professor of Sustainable Rural Development, Assistant Principal of Lews Castle College, UHI

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