Frank Rennie, Keith Smyth, Gareth davies, Matt Sillars and Amy Woolvin

Chapter 1 – Getting started with your research project

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Welcome to the companion website of the eTextbook ‘Undertaking your research project: essential guidance for undergraduates and postgraduates’. When used together the book and the website are intended to provide you with an introduction to a wide range of issues relevant to undertaking research projects at undergraduate and postgraduate education. The book is not intended to provide an exhaustive account of all the issues you will need to consider, but it does set out to introduce you to major concepts and key areas of practice which will inform your decisions about planning and scoping your research project, research design and strategies, analysis, and presenting your research.

This companion website features a range of additional resources, tutorials and activities relating to each chapter, which will help you to further explore key ideas or provide practical tools and advice that you can draw upon when undertaking your research.

The University of British Columbia have put together this UBC wikki which is a step-by-step guide with a video clip, to getting started with your research.

It is a great resource for planning your research.

  • Getting Started
  • Brainstorming
  • Focussing on a Topic
  • Information Sources
  • More Help

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